Users of Windows 11 will soon be able to remove even more built-in apps, according to Microsoft. With Canary Channel testers, the software developer has begun testing a new edition of Windows 11 that enables the removal of the Camera app, the recently retired Cortana app, the Photos app, the People app, and the Remote Desktop (MSTSC) client.

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With Windows 11, Microsoft includes a sizable number of these alleged “inbox apps” preinstalled. More of them have been progressively made available for consumers to uninstall, and we are now at the point where the majority can be done so without restriction.

You'll Soon Be Able to Remove More Built-In Apps with Windows 11

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Although most of these built-in programs aren’t particularly large, having the option to fully remove them should make Windows feel a little less bloated. Since March, Windows 11 test builds have included the option to remove the Camera app; earlier this month, test builds added the capability to remove Cortana.

However, users of Windows 11 who aren’t running Windows Insider builds will need to hold off for a little while before they can remove Camera, Cortana, Photos, People, and Remote Desktop. With the exception of Cortana, all of these products have well-liked third-party substitutes, such as IrfanView and Paint.NET for Photos or Chrome Remote Desktop for Microsoft’s MSTSC software, allowing users with different preferences to reduce some bloat.

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I’ll continue to use the Camera app only to quickly check my hair before jumping on a Zoom call. It is unknown exactly when these options will appear in the release version of Windows, but based on recent Windows Insider development, I would anticipate seeing them before the year’s end. There may be more uninstallation choices in Microsoft’s upcoming September release of its major Windows 11 update.

The Windows 11 September update is also anticipated to come with early access to Windows Copilot, updated settings homepage, better volume mixer, and native support for RAR and 7-Zip files.

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