A new version of Netflix’s mobile apps went live today with the objective of making it even easier to find anything to watch on an iPhone. The new “My Netflix” section is a convenient one-stop shop that is personalized for you. According to a blog post by the company, the update is already available for iOS users and will arrive for Android users in early August.

The plan is for the My Netflix tab to prioritize recommendations for downloaded or saved content when you’re not connected to your home network. The Home page and search are still there; Netflix is merely attempting to make the former “Downloads” area a little more user-friendly.

You can quickly switch profiles using the My Netflix option, which is helpful if you need to leave your phone with someone to monitor a toddler but don’t necessarily want them to know what you’ve been viewing.

New My Netflix tab looks to make streaming on the go a bit easier

The present Downloads tab will be replaced by the My Netflix tab, which will provide access to shows saved to My List or already in progress as well as notifications, reminders, and other features. “For the first time, everything is in one tab. Now that you can choose something to watch that you presumably already enjoy, according to Netflix.

Instead of depending solely on the algorithmically generated content recommendations of the world’s largest video streaming service, the innovation attempts to give Netflix users more control over the programming choices they make. Netflix has focused on making the streaming service simpler to use as users spend more time watching content on their mobile devices. Over time, Netflix has changed how people watch TV by upending established viewing habits. What do you think about The New My Netflix tab looks to make streaming on the go a bit easier, let me know in the comment section!

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