Although an Instant Pot may sound like a pressure cooker or a slow cooker, they are so much more. the best Instant Pots will make delicious meals easily and quickly. whether you will be batch cooking, slow cooking, or making a delightful hotpot an Instant Pot will soon become one of your favorite small kitchen appliances. even the most basic Instant Pots can be used as rice cookers. some higher-end options can air fry food.

The popular Instant Pot is an electric multicooker by Instant Brands that can pressure cook, slow cook, brown, sauté, steam, and more. Some models can even function as an air fryer, so if you’re even somewhat interested in cooking, you’ve probably heard of it. The brand provides five various models with varying capabilities and features, all in a range of different sizes, so finding one isn’t as simple as you may expect. Despite the fact that all pressure cookers use the same cooking method, each model has a different control panel and features. Some feature digital buttons, while others have a touchpad that is more conventional. Others can air fry while others can’t.

We promote the Instant Pot. Since we fell in love with the first one, Instant and its competitors have developed some truly amazing multi-talented cooking appliances. Because good multi-cookers save so much time, space, and energy, as well as create significantly less mess and require little to no cleanup, ours is used almost constantly. You may throw it in the dishwasher or clean it with hot water and dish soap, as you’ll learn in our article on how to clean an Instant Pot. The top Instant Pot multi-cookers feature a wide range of skills. They include steamers, rice cookers, soup makers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, and sometimes even sous vide cookers.

Well, in this article we are listing the best instant pots you should be considering. Note that this is not a sponsored post and that all instant pots listed below are based on the top-performing ones on the industrial market currently.

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Best instant pots

The following are the best instant pots you should be considering:

  • Instant Pot Duo Nova
  • Instant Pot Duo Plus
  • Instant Pot Pro
  • Instant Pot Max
  • Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate
  • Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
  • instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Nova

Instant Pot Duo Nova

The 8-quart Duo Nova Instant Pot costs about $100, making it the cheapest model in our buying guide. This makes it ideal for people who are new to cooking or are wanting to purchase their first multi-cooker. Given that the Duo Nova is the top-selling slow cooker on Amazon, it was challenging to find any drawbacks to the appliance. The Instant Pot Duo Nova isn’t the one for you if you’re looking for an Instant Pot with air frying capabilities, though. Although it provides excellent value for the money, it lacks some of the cooking features of some of the other models we’ve included.

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Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Pro 8-Quart 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker

Although the improved Instant Pot Duo Plus was chosen as our top selection by our Lab professionals, the Instant Pot Duo may be the brand’s overall best-seller (more on why below). It provides everything the top-selling Duo does, plus more, for not a lot more money. This upgraded Duo offers options for preparing more delicate meals like cakes and eggs in addition to the settings provided by the standard Duo. The improved display, which is larger and has stronger LED backlighting than the Duo, is another important aspect of the Duo Plus. So stop searching if you ever find yourself straining to read the readouts on your appliances, like, for example, in the middle of the night when you’re heating up a bottle.

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Instant Pot Pro

Instant Pot Pro



The greatest Instant Pot available right now is the Instant Pot Pro. It includes 28 cooking modes for making various dishes, and it aims to replace ten kitchen equipment, including a pressure cooker, slow cooker, saute pan, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and warmer. The Instant Pot Pro Crisp is a variation that also airs fries food. We were thrilled by the Instant Pot Pro’s five buttons, which let you save your preferred settings for routinely used recipes and provide the same ease of use as one-touch programs for your own unique recipes.

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Instant Pot Max

Instant Pot Max

With improvements over previous models, the Instant Pot Max is a remarkable addition to the brand’s lineup. This incorporates heightened safety precautions including the automatic steam release as well as the greater sustained pressure of 15 psi, which was previously only seen in stovetop pressure cookers. The Instant Pot Max is a terrific option if you’re wanting to upgrade. Instant Pots are recognized for their quick cooking, and the Max can cook up to 15% faster than prior versions.

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Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate

It may be used as a pressure cooker, air fryer, slow cooker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, roaster, small oven, broiler, dehydrator, yogurt maker, sous vide, and bread proofer, to name just a few of the 13 functions this 6.5-quart device can perform. Simply add the air fryer basket and flip the lids to seamlessly transition between the various cooking methods. Additionally, the appliance provides detailed cooking directions on a big LCD display to take the guesswork out of the process. Cleaning is very simple. We like that the pressure cooking cover, steaming/air frying rack, and cooking pot are all dishwasher safe and that the protective inner cover keeps the air frying element clean and safe from splashes during pressure cooking.

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 Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

 Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker


The entry-level multi-cooker from Instant Pot works just as well for yogurt making, slow cooking, pressure cooking, and steaming as the model above, but it costs less, making it the best Instant Pot for those on a tight budget. The Duo V2 7-in-1 electric pressure cooker is smaller and lighter than other Instant Pots. With 14 cooking modes, it lives up to its name by accelerating lengthy cooking times, though not nearly as swiftly as its elder sibling.

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Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

The third model in the company’s Duo range, the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus, has the most features of any previous model. Compared to the Duo Nova, this Instant Pot has a bigger LED screen and three extra one-touch cooking controls. This includes the ability to cook a stock pot, prepare rice, make yogurt, warm food, or steam food with the Duo Nova. Along with slow cooking, pressure cooking, and sautéing food, this device also allows you to bake and sous vide food.

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Some other best instant pots

List of best instant pots

Below are some other best instant pots

Instant Pot Ultra

 Ninja Foodi Max 15-in-1 SmartLid Multi-Cooker

Instant Pot Aura Pro

Instant pots FAQs

What is the best Instant Pot that does everything?

This multi-cooker can do it all thanks to its 15 programmable settings, which include pressure cook, soup, broth, egg, slow cook, sauté, rice, bean, grain, porridge, and oatmeal, as well as its nine functions, which include yogurt maker, sterilizer, and sous vide.

What is the most popular Instant Pot?

The company’s most well-liked series is the Instant Pot Duo, and for good reason. It is quite easy to use and has seven different cooking options, including a yogurt maker, warmer, rice cooker, steamer, pressure cooker, and slow cooker.

What to look for when buying Instant Pot?

When it comes to picking the best Instant Pot, size does important. The 6-quart choice is the most popular, but some models also come in 3-quart, 5-quart, and even 8-quart sizes. While larger sizes are wonderful for cooking a family supper, smaller sizes are more cost-effective and take up less kitchen space.

Which Instant Pot for Beginners?

The Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 is the finest model for new users. The Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 is the simplest to clean. The Instant Pot Duo Plus with Whisper-Quiet Steam Release is the quietest model available. The 11-in-1 Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is the Instant Pot that actually does everything.

Are Instant Pots Healthy?

As long as the ingredients are nutritious, she asserts that instant pot meals are unquestionably healthful. When compared to other longer kinds of cooking, the shorter cooking time may also result in greater retention of vitamins and minerals.

Which pressure cooker is best for health?

Because stainless steel doesn’t react with acidic or salty foods, stainless steel cookers are a healthier option. Due to its alloy structure, stainless steel also transmits heat very slowly.

Which brand is famous for a pressure cooker?

Because stainless steel doesn’t react with acidic or salty foods, stainless steel cookers are a healthier option. Due to its alloy structure, stainless steel also transmits heat very slowly.

Which is better slow cooker or pressure?

  • Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
  • Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker
  • Butterfly Cordial Aluminum Pressure Cooker 3L
  • Pigeon By Stovekraft Favourite Aluminium Pressure Cooker

What is a healthier slow cooker or pressure cooker?

A slow cooker and a pressure cooker have significant differences, despite the fact that both can yield results that are similar. While a pressure cooker uses hot steam to cook food much more quickly, a slow cooker will cook food for a longer period of time at a lower temperature.

Can we cook rice in a pressure cooker?

Heikkinen notes that minimizing energy consumption is another factor to take into account when selecting an appliance. In this case, the Instant Pot comes out on top because pressure cooking expedites the cooking process while consuming less energy than slow cooking.

That is all for this article we are listing the best instant pots you should be considering. We hope it was helpful. If so kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading; see you around!

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