In the first few seconds of the 57 Seconds clip, Josh Hutcherson’s Franklin says, “Have you ever had something so crazy happen to you, you can barely believe that it actually did?” Franklin believes that time travel is the amazing occurrence that he is referring to. When Franklin, a tech blogger, stops an attack during an interview with tycoon Anton Burrell (Morgan Freeman from Million Dollar Baby), he unintentionally comes into contact with a time-altering ring. Franklin can travel back in time 57 seconds thanks to the ring. Franklin initially uses the ring to win a lot of money at the casino. Franklin eventually uses the ring’s ability to exact revenge on the company that sold his twin sister¬†the medications that caused her overdose. However, going back in time causes a string of horrific incidents that might change Franklin’s future. Franklin says, “I wish I’d done some things differently,” as he is restrained in a car trunk.

Josh Hutcherson turns back time in the 57 Seconds trailer


Rusty Cundieff’s 57 Seconds has a new, mind-bending trailer out. The time-traveling plot with a twist in the sci-fi thriller starring Josh Hutcherson and Morgan Freeman is based on author E.C. Tubb’s short story Lucifer. Cundieff’s story appears to be focused on the hero returning back in time for personal gain as well as a quest for revenge, which is interesting because recent time travel stories employed the premise to explore the multiverse in the superhero or drama genre. In the trailer, Hutcherson’s Franklin, who has been offered the opportunity to interview Freeman’s computer tycoon Anton Burrell, is introduced. But as things turn out, he manages to save Burrell from being attacked and discovers a ring that had been dropped by mistake. With the aid of Burrell, Franklin resolves to get revenge on the pharmaceutical firm that caused the deaths of many people, including his sister, by traveling back in time 57 seconds with this ring.

The movie appears to be exciting and action-packed. The story of a tech blogger taking down a pharmaceutical company with the aid of a tech genius offers plenty of room for twists and turns, but things don’t go as planned as the time travel begins to have an impact on Franklin’s relationships and things start to go south when he sets off a terrifying chain of events, “propelling him into a pulse-pounding battle for survival where every second counts.”What do you think about Josh Hutcherson’s turning back time in the 57 Seconds trailer, let me know in the comment section!

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