The first wave of brand-new Peacock streaming content is now accessible as August 2023 has arrived. Throughout the month, a number of new films and TV shows will be released, including one of the most anticipated films of the year so far.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be accessible via Peacock on Thursday, August 3. What is the plot of the animated film, despite its massive financial success and record-breaking box office triumph? The narrative of the earliest games was never really fundamental to them; In the film, two ambitious brothers run their family’s plumbing company, but things aren’t going well. Suddenly, they go down the wrong sewage pipe, end up in the Mushroom Kingdom, and have to save the princess.

It’s that challenging month of August. Even though it isn’t quite September yet, summer is about to go. Planning activities for the balance of the warm season can be a bit difficult as a result. However, if you’re reading this, you probably prefer to stay inside and watch television. There is no right or wrong.

Everything Coming to Peacock in August 2023

Peacock has so far had a fairly successful 2023 TV schedule. With the success of Poker Face, they had a great start to the year. With standouts like Based on a True Story and the upcoming Twisted Metal, the hits persisted throughout the spring and summer. Even Pete Davidson’s Bupkis, in which he physically plays himself to break out of typecasting, was a surprise success. With the September release of the John Wick prequel The Continental, the fall appears to be equally lucrative.

The streamer, which is owned by NBCUniversal, is taking care not to overburden its users despite having so many titles that are grabbing attention. There is presently only one scripted series returning in August, for that reason. August seems to have been overlooked as a result of their tentpoles either premiering earlier in the summer or being postponed until the fall. This month, there are also a number of ongoing series and specials to look forward to. Let’s now examine all the new (and returning) series that Peacock will be airing in August 2023.

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